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Band Members

Addison Ruddell

Lead Vocals/Bass

Jonathan Hales

Guitar/Backing Vocals

Nick Jones

Guitar/Backing Vocals

Will Busch


Band Biography

The Weeds was formed in a small suburb of Houston by lead singer/bass player, Addison Ruddell. Soon after, guitarist Jonathan Hales joined, followed by guitarist Nick Jones and drummer Will Busch. The Weeds were named "Best New Band" through 94.5 The Buzz's Texas Buzz Awards and won many awards through SLM. Now, with over 600 shows under their belts, The Weeds continue to make their mark on the music scene.

Band From Houston, Texas

Our music is a mixture of the diverse tastes of each individual band member. From the blues rock influenced guitar riffs and powerful vocals of 1970's hard rock, to the percussive bass riffs of funk rock, The Weed's music features the best of what rock and roll has to offer.

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Check out this video of us live on “R&R Studios”!

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